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EPM-NovEP released 1,800 nelma fry into the Ob tributary

Novosibirsk, July 9, 2020 EPM-Novosibirsk Electrode Plant continues the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources in the Ob-Irtysh river basin. As part of the compensation measures for water use, the plant annually releases over 1,800 nelma fry in the Ob and its tributaries.

The young of this rare fish of the salmon family were moved from the nursery pond through a special conveyor pipe to the Tom River near the town of Seversk, Tomsk region. The stocking process was observed by specialists from Verkhne-Obskiy Regional Office of the Federal Agency for Fishery, Verkhne-Obskiy branch of FSBU Glavrybvod, biologists and social activists.

In the pond of the Tomsk research and production fishery complex, the young nelma gained weight sufficient for safe growth in the natural environment. Control weighing showed that at the moment of release the average individual weight of the fry was 1.2 grams.

"According to our environmental policy, the company, as a water user, participates in the artificial reproduction of water bioresources. By 2022 the plant will release more than 9,000 nelma fry in Siberian rivers. Thus, we restore the formerly numerous population of this valuable species of fish," – said Aleksey Spektoruk, Managing Director of EPM-NovEP.


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