Charitable activities of El 6 focus on solving social problems in the regions where the company production enterprises are located.

The company enterprises provide patronage and financial assistance to schools, day-care facilities and foster homes, rehabilitation centers for minors, medical institutions, elderly care institutions, public organizations, sports clubs and scientific establishments, churches, as well as to people who experience hardships.

The enterprises have established longstanding relations with many recipients of charity support. The funds allocated to the enterprises are spent on arrangement of children's holidays, repairs, running cultural and sports events, procurement of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, and performance of expensive operations.

Charitable activities of the company build on the principle of providing support to those who are most in need. For us, this activity is not just an item of expenditure but a response to social demands. That is why, the company pursues diverse lines of the charitable activities and does not restrict itself to a permanently established range of recipients. In many cases, charitable activities are planned and carried out in cooperation with local authorities and involve implementation of socially-oriented co-projects.