El 6 assigns high priority to assurance of green production and strictly complies with the environmental protection law requirements. Moreover, its environmental measures go beyond those prescribed by the Russian laws. Environment management systems at Novosibirsk and Novocherkassk Electrode Plants are certified in compliance with International Standard ISO 14001:2004.

The company has in place a comprehensive environmental program. The enterprises undergo regular audits for compliance with environmental standards. Special attention is paid to monitoring the sources of pollutant emissions that pose environmental risks.

There have been consistent efforts to develop and implement measures for emissions abatement and reduction of other harmful environmental effects, as well as to improve the production waste disposal measures. The enterprises have implemented a unique and advanced method for removal of tarry substances from high-temperature exhaust gases, with withdrawal of 'process water' after the production process to the treatment and recycling systems.

The use of resource-saving and low-waste technologies makes it possible to reduce man-caused environmental load. Waste products of enterprises return to production as feedstock. 

Upgrade and overhaul of production equipment are performed on a scheduled basis making it possible to timely prevent possible emergencies. New emerging technologies and plants are being developed for prevention of environmental damage.

All the enterprises of El 6 have implemented the production control program and exercise regular control over the amount of pollutant emissions and harmful production factors at work places.

Annual environmental protection measures allow the enterprises to reduce atmospheric pollutant emissions by 64%.

High priority is assigned to involvement of plant personnel into environmental activities. Various systems aimed at heightening interest of enterprise employees in handling environmental issues have been developed and implemented. Workers and specialists take systematic training in basics of environmental management. 

When dealing with the issues of environmental protection, El 6 is committed to the transparency and accessibility of environmental information. The corporate policy on environmental safety acknowledges the right of each stakeholder to obtain accurate and unbiased information on compliance with environmental standards and on environmental protection measures taken by the company.