Health and Safety

Life and health of employees, observance of environmental standards and prevention of emergencies and contingencies at enterprises is one of the key priorities for El 6. The Health, Safety and Environment Policy of the company provides for assurance of occupational and industrial safety, as well as for prevention of environmental law violations.Over the recent 10 years, there have been no facts of exceedance of the maximum permissible concentration of atmospheric pollutant emissions at the Group enterprises. The enterprise employees are provided with all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and special clothing. We perform continuous work on testing new promising PPE and selection of the most effective PPE for each job. 

Many projects focusing on improvement of health, safety and environmental protection have been underway at the Group enterprises. The Improvement of Working Conditions project was launched in 2014. The first year of the project involved performance of measures for improvement of water-drinking and climatic regimes, as well as repair of shower and rest rooms to the total amount of more than RUB 30 million. The existing project Safe Enterprise won the Renova Group award in 2011. In 2015, decision was made to implement the I am Safety project which is aimed at the development of employees' responsibility for their own safety, health, and life.

All the Group enterprises fully comply with all legislative acts, have developed and approved their environmental designs, observe the schedules for expert examinations of buildings and structures, and have all the required valid licenses.

Each enterprise has arranged health, safety and environmental services consisting of trained and well experienced specialists.