Social responsibility

El 6 employs over 4,500 employees, each of whom plays a key role in achieving the collective success of the company.

Therefore, we are focused on ensuring our progress through the creation of proper working and living conditions; recreational and wellness facilities for employees; sports development; support of veterans; personnel training programs; and hiring specialists to strengthen and develop the main driving element of the company—the workforce. 

Our priority is to offer more opportunities to our employees. We are focused on personal and professional advancement of people and the creation of a favourable working environment. We provide our employees with fair and stable remuneration, additional social welfare, and continuously strive to improve their job conditions. 

The provision of employees with social safeguards and benefits is indicative of the stable operation of our enterprises. The level of social benefits, safeguards, and compensations is negotiated in collective labour agreements and provides for social commitments in addition to those stipulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation:

  • Organization and financing of various sports events for the plant employees and their family members;
  • Organization and financing of mass cultural events and holidays;
  • Provision of material assistance and payment of allowances to various personnel categories in a wide range of areas;
  • Preferential pricing for recreational and wellness services to the plant employees and their family members, as well as to retired plant employees;
  • Partial recovery of summer-time recreational expenses for employees’ children in sanitary institutions;
  • Participation in the program for co-financing of the funded component of employees’ pension; and
  • Other.

The existing employee incentive system provides for material remuneration and for various types of intangible rewards, including important awards. Under the system of corporate awards, the winners receive such annual ranks as Professional of the Year, Best Mentor of the Year, Potential of the Year, etc. 

Special attention is given to personnel training and development. The company runs various training programs: technical training, training in occupational safety and health, management skills advancement courses for all management areas—for workmasters and foremen to shop managers and deputy managing directors. We have implemented these programs to select and retain employees with high professional potential for our talent pool.

We created the Councils of Young Specialists to actively operate at the enterprise for the purpose of protection and implementation of interests and rights of young employees of El 6; provision social safeguards and benefits; and involve young people in educational, scientific, social, mass cultural, sporting and informational work. Such Councils consist of the company employees and their family members.

We consistently strive to become a company where each employee is interested, enthusiastic, and committed to achieving the common result. Therefore, in 2015, El 6 launched a project to assess employees’ satisfaction levels in all of its enterprises and functional units, and the results of this assessment are considered by HR when planning activities.

Apart from providing employees with decent conditions, El 6 takes an active part in solving socially important issues in the regions of its operations by building and maintaining the socioeconomic potential of such regions, contributing to development of sports, education, and culture. The company retains the long-standing traditions of corporate assistance to child care institutions: it awards scholarships to the best students of sponsored schools; works with veterans organizations and helps the veterans of the Great Patriotic War; and participates in mass clean-up and site improvement events.